Residential Project Sales

We have a strong residential project sales team and our structure ensures that our clients get the maximum benefit from us. Each residential project undergoes a comprehensive strategy mapping to be certain all stakeholders’ goals are achieved and the outcome is exceptional. Having a proactive team of real estate professionals who manage a large mix on International and Australian clients around the globe who continually invest in residential properties – our team has the knowledge about what investors are seeking.

Property Management

Property management is not a simple task. Nonetheless, we’ve been doing this for a long time – and our business manages a large number of apartments. The main goal of property management is to find appropriate tenants for every apartment in a short space of time. We understand that an apartment needs to be occupied to make profit with high yielding returns.

Tenant Marketing

Correct marketing of an apartment is vital if you want to achieve perfect tenants. We use a proven marketing approach to attract the best tenants for the apartments. Our property management team is exceptional at e marketing.

Tenancy Selection

Selecting the right tenant can save a lot of trouble and time. Our system of checking makes sure that the best tenants are selected. We process entails running background checks on a person. This includes checking their job and residential rental history. By collecting, this information we are informed if the person has any issue that can create problems in the future.


Right after a tenant is selected the bond is the next important thing. We take care of this element for our property owner – to avoid any legal issues we follow a proven system. There are various well thought conditions for both parties. This ensures safety of the property owner and the tenant. Tenants need to pay a bond, which is refunded to them at the end of their tenancy – if, there are no issues with the apartment.

Tenant Sign-up Appointment

This is another important stage. This initial meeting provides the tenant with information of what they are going to get and what they are allowed to do. Condition reporting is important, as this will provide a current status of the condition of the apartment. Therefore, the tenant can check the condition report accordingly – and this element is done before the contract is signed.

Rent Collection

Collecting the rent can become a pain, therefore – we manage this element. We are always ready to use modern technology to reduce the hardship and make life easier for our property owner.

Disbursements of Rental Monies

Our firm makes sure to clarify everything to all parties concerned. Our monthly rental statement is very transparent, which helps property owners understand disbursements of rental monies.

Routine Inspections

Routine inspection also has huge importance as this helps to check the standard of the apartment. This helps us to achieve a clear understanding of the apartment and we can also update property owners on the condition of their apartment.

Strata Management

We make sure that our residential projects are maintained at their very best. This includes the care of facilities and building maintenance. It is rare that you will find people who are professional and dedicated than us. We have the industry experience and required skills to manage all facets of simple and complex strata schemes.


No matter how well designed or greatly built – maintenance is an unavoidable part of a residential project. Proper maintenance can make sure that our residential projects have not been neglected. With in-turn will assist in achieving tenants faster and stop the waiting periods. Our maintenance team provides a huge relief with their works.

Essential Services Include

Herein includes some major service for the tenants; burst water service, blocked or damaged toilet, gas leak, damage to the roof and other utility issues which may arise, such as, weekly cleaning – and security of the building.