Haute Vue is committed to giving back to society and understand its role in growing human capital and contributing to societies progress. Our environmental sustainability adopting practices that contributes to sustainable economic growth.


Haute Vue continually strive to produce high quality residential projects. We achieve this by recognising that no system may ever achieve perfection and our highly strict and prudent quality control procedures are implemented and reviewed regularly.


Haute Vue sets apart from other residential property developers. As, we’re focused on innovation, education and health – and believe that our ideas will change the whole concept of residential project space in the years to come.



A passionate team of legal, accounting, real estate and construction professionals – who are consistently dedicated to realising the potential that the real estate market has to offer, represent Haute Vue.


Our Company

  • Modern
    Continually seeking to build contemporary developments.
  • Innovative
    Seeking to adapt new technologies and practices to boost productivity.
  • Trust
    All business transactions are honoured with integrity.
  • Bespoke
    Buildings that are sophisticated and built with enduring class.
  • Stability
    A company that is stable in fulfilling its commitments.
  • Expertise
    A company staffed with industry wide professionals who are highly experienced.


Since it’s inception in 1902, Ray White is the largest real estate brand in Australasia. Due to Ray White’s success over 113 years – Ray White offer more than 140,000 properties for sale each year throughout 11 countries, with the widest selection of real estate of any group in Australasia. Ray White sells every hour $3.64 million in real estate – and in the last twelve months, Ray White has helped 48,500 owners in Australia to sell their properties. Moreover, Ray White lists 6,000 new properties in Australia every month and is Australia’s most ‘Googled’ real estate brand with exceeding annual sales of $30 billion.


The process of urbanisation has started – and people are convinced that modern facilities can be enjoyed. Haute Vue is continually moving and seeking for better opportunities. Many predict that after several years from now more than 50% of the population will live in urban areas. Haute Vue is taking the appropriate steps to satisfy the large demand for urban regeneration.


With the advancement of science we can now predict the climate and be prepared for change. There is pressure on us – to switch our sources of power and other elements that hamper the climate. Our dependency on specific energy fields may cause the increase of prices. Haute Vue is investigating sustainable energy through solar on future residential projects. The search for new energy source is on and new ideas are coming to develop a sustainable future for mankind.


Our expertise in design is shown in our residential projects. Haute Vue provides the best idea about the creative force we have to complete our work. Every project is uniquely designed to style and perfection.


The environment has become a significant issue today. The question was raised long ago and now we can see different events, which are helping to make people conscious. Humans have a huge dependency on nature. Environmental health is important for current and future generations for sustainable futures. The environment and economic growth needs to be balanced otherwise the environment may face brutal consequences. Haute Vue’s residential projects include green buildings. To help the environment, we are changing residential buildings with new green buildings incorporated in our projects. Put simply, we believe a healthy environment will give communities a better quality of life.


Our culture is a great institution where you are always welcome to learn new things. We have spent much of our time and gathered people with innovative capacity. In today’s business context, with so much competition, innovation can set you apart from other business organisations. This is how we seek to separate us from our competitors. We are focused on innovation and development – and believe that new ideas will change the whole concept of residential project development.


Haute Vue provides institutional and retail investors access to investing in New South Wales residential projects. We provide institutional and retail investors with exposure to quality residential projects – which aims to optimise total returns by implementing an approach to low risk investment. Haute Vue’s professional team directly manages each asset – therefore, we’re able to optimise operational performance, develop residential projects to create value, strata manage and collaborate with tenants to deliver better property management solutions.